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The Acting Company for Excellence is a North Texas Performing Arts Youth Membership Program that represents a group of 6-12th grade artists invested in the Pursuit of Excellence at NTPA.

This company’s primary goal is to offer benefits to students who desire the pursuit of excellence on stage and off. ACE members are mentored to enhance leadership skills and hone the craft of performing. ACE members will be selected based on their level of experience, talent (via audition), and maturity.

New Member Audition and Acceptance Process

The Audition and Acceptance Process will consist of the following:

  • In-Person Audition (see guidelines below)
  • Completed Online Application Form
  • Two References (located on ACE Application).
  • Attendance at a 1-on-1 feedback session following audition for notes from the director.
  • Pay annual dues ($120)

NEW! Upcoming Auditions

Students can audition for ACE at any Pursuits audition or Conservatory audition call.

  • PURSUITS AUDITION: A student does not need to be auditioning for the Pursuits production in order to audition for ACEs. When Collegiate Pursuits auditions occur, there will be a section on the audition form that asks the student to specify if they are auditioning for that particular Pursuits Production, the ACE Membership, OR both the show and ACES.
    View upcoming pursuits auditions
  • CONSERVATORY AUDITION: If you are completing an audition for The Conservatory at NTPA Academy, this can also count as your ACE entry audition. You must also be auditioning for the Conservatory to complete this audition.
    Learn more about The Conservatory at NTPA Academy

Live In-Person Audition

OPTION 1: ACE/JACE Performance Emphasis Candidates

Prepare an audition for any Collegiate Pursuits or Academy Conservatory audition following the audition requirements listed in the audition call. Auditions may include:

  • 1-2 Musical Theatre Cuttings (16-32 bars) of Contrasting Styles
    • Depending on what the audition calls for, ACES and JACEs should be prepared to sing with an accompanist. There may be times when an accompanist will not be provided and students will need to provide music from their own device or auditions. 
  • 1-2 Monologues, Dramatic or Comedic, from any play, Classic or Contemporary.

OPTION 2: ACE Tech Emphasis Candidates

  • Prepare a 2-5 page sample portfolio for any of the following tech positions:
    • Stage Manager, Lighting Design, Set Design, or Costume Design
  • Answer a series of interview questions by a panel of directors

ACE Members Critique

NEW! ACE Members no longer need to critique annually, as long as they are up to date on their annual dues, they may remain an ACE. They may however, attend ANY Collegiate Pursuits audition (held four times a year) and receive free feedback for their audition.

Special Benefits

  • ACE Membership listed in every youth theatre playbill.
  • Exclusive eligibility to earn tuition credit by serving as a student intern for all camp experiences.
  • Exclusive eligibility to earn tuition credit as an intern on NTPA youth theatre productions after completing a Student Leadership “Captain” position for an NTPA show and receiving leadership training associated with those positions. NEW!
  • Exclusive student participation in presenting “Curtain Speeches” for any NTPA youth theatre production (provided an ACE is on-hand).
  • FREE tickets for NTPA youth theatre productions (up to $15). Tickets can be claimed in advance OR at the door with your unique ACE code on an as-available basis.
  • 6-8th Grade JACEs have exclusive access to an ACE-only workshops and intensives, typically reserved for high school students only.
  • 9-12th Grades ACEs have exclusive access to EARLY enrollment for Collegiate Pursuits workshops and intensives. NEW!
  • Exclusive access to Annual ACE TRIP as scheduled. 2023 Trip Planned for Labor Day Weekend, September 1-4.
  • ACE/JACE gatherings and fun events.
  • Free 1-on-1 audition feedback sessions after completing any Collegiate Pursuits audition. ACEs do not need to be auditioning for the Pursuits production in order to complete the audition and receive a feedback session. NEW!

Intern Hours Policy

  • Rate: $6/hour (Seasonal camps and pre-approved production experiences by Collegiate Pursuits Artistic Director)
  • Hours expire each year on May 31, and may not be carried to subsequent years
  • Students may redeem tuition credit earned to cover up to 50% of production tuition.
  • ACE Students – No cap on max hours earned per year
  • JACE Students – $500/year cap on max hours earned

Annual Membership Dues:  $120

(The new ACE benefits are only available to ACEs that have paid their $99 Annual Membership fees, regardless of when they last renewed.)

Annual ACE Trip

Each year, ACES are invited to take a fun trip that is centered around performing arts related activities! NYC, Disney World, Chicago, LA, or otherwise, the ACES will take this exciting vacation together and learn more about the world of performing arts.

The 2023 trip will take place Labor Day Weekend. September 1-5, 2023


Actors will be held to the standard of the following expectations throughout the course of their membership in the ACE program. In order to be considered an active member, students must fulfill each of the following minimum requirements:
  • Is 6-8th Grade for Junior ACE.
  • Is 9-12th Grade for ACE.
  • Is a Member in good standing with NTPA. View the code of conduct.
  • Demonstrates maturity and displays respectful behavior of theatre staff, director, show parent, and parent volunteers.
  • Is a member on the ACE Google Classroom
  • Attends Virtual ACE Meetings, held quarterly, to stay up-to-date on current ACE happenings.
  • Has paid the annual Acting Company for Excellence dues ($120 which includes membership and audition fees).
  • Attend the annual Induction ceremony every January.

Upcoming Auditions

Students can audition for ACE at any Pursuits audition or Conservatory audition call.

Audition Prep

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