Become an ASL Student Intern

Use your ASL skills to interpret for upcoming NTPA Deaf Theatre programs! Open to anyone ages 15 and older with 2 years ASL experience or enrolled in a Collin College Interpreter Internship course. Interns must be willing to be coached.

  • Practice ASL in a real-life environment, through an introduction to ASL theater interpreting

  • Develop interest in ASL theater interpreting and learn about interpreting as a possible career opportunity

  • Learn about the required skills, education and certifications necessary to become a professional interpreter

  • Create an environment at NTPA that is welcoming and comfortable to the deaf community

Please note: This program will NOT result in an interpreter certification.

ASL Student Intern Benefits

  • Participants in the College Collin interpreter program who are registered in the Internship class with the college, may receive college credit for their participation in the NTPA ASL Intern program.
  • Students who are members in the NTPA ACE program may receive internship tuition credit.
  • Recognition as a member of the student interpreter program.
  • Access to special workshops.
  • Ability to audition as shadow voice actors in deaf theater productions.
  • Potential opportunities to
    • Serve as an interpreter for youth or Starcatchers performances.
    • Function as an onsite interpreter for deaf patrons or deaf staff
    • Shadow voice acting
    • Assist with deaf youth camps or UpSTARt classes

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