NTPA Resident Director, Bethany Bourland, shares tips on creating a successful audition video for your upcoming audition at NTPA!

Tip #1:
Pay attention to the room.

Make sure your space is well lit and the light is on your face. Create a neutral space – nothing too busy in the background. Make sure you are recording in a quiet place.

Tip #2:
Frame the shot.

First, make sure your camera is horizontal. Stand in the frame from the waist-up. Plant your feet and perform!

Tip #3:
Eye Level.

Have your camera eye level to create a good angle. Don’t place it too low or too high.

Tip #4:
Where do you look?

When you slate, look at the camera. When you perform your pieces, pick your target away from the camera and perform. Just like you would in the audition room.

Tip #5:

Log on to your YouTube, upload your video as an Unlisted video, and submit your audition.

Tip #6:
Pay attention to the camera.

You will want a good quality camera for your audition video. Prop your camera on a steady surface. If using your phone, flip your phone around to use the back camera instead of the selfie-mode camera.

Tip #7:
Music Volume.

Don’t play your music from the device you are recording with. Use a device like a speaker to play your music and place it near you so the recording picks up 50% you and 50% of the music. Make sure your music is loud enough to hear in the recording.

Tip #8:
Watch the whole thing through.

You or someone else should check your video submission before you send it in to make sure your video isn’t cut short and the audio sounds good.

Tip #9:
Set your deadline one day early!

Turn in your video submission one day before the deadline. This will help you not race the clock to turn it in and help you avoid technical difficulties. We want this to be stress-free!

Easy Cheesy!

We are looking forward to your next auditions! Break Legs!