NTPA is Proud to Announce Partnership with
Exclusive Home Services Provider of NTPA

Air Conditioning & Heating, Appliance Repair,

Pest Control & Pool Services!


MyHome.Pro is an inaugural member of the NTPA Business Affinity Partnership program enabling sponsoring businesses to make special offers to NTPA patrons for great products and services that provide a funding benefit back to NTPA to help us keep our lights on and bills paid!

Special Offer for NTPA Families!



  • NTPA families can receive a free photo gallery picture at the NTPA theatre of choice! (MyHome.Pro is declining all sponsorship benefits so that NTPA Patrons can get this benefit!)
  • MyHome.Pro will donate 3 months of your payments back to NTPA!
  • NTPA families can get up to 10% off on a 12-month pool service subscription!

 You get a wall photo and a great service! AND NTPA gets a donation!

This exciting promotion puts your theatre star’s favorite photo on a photo gallery wall, and offers much needed financial support to NTPA!

If you are currently using a pool service,
now is the time to think about making a move!

If you aren’t using a pool service,
maybe now is the time to start!



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The MyHome.Pro exclusive liquid sparkle pool service has made over one million visits servicing pools in the DFW area for almost forty years and thousands of customers, and now offered by a family that has provided home services to the North Dallas region for almost seventy years — and a trusted name and NTPA Patron for over a decade!

It is easy to get started!

  1. Simply register at the link below to receive more information!
  2. A MyHome.Pro service representative will contact you to talk through this exciting program and work through the details to get you started on your new weekly pool service!
  3. After you sign up for your service, NTPA will contact you with you details for how to get your Gallery Wall Photo on the NTPA theatre wall of your choice!
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Program Details

  • While available and in supported regions, NTPA Patrons may sign up for a weekly full-service pool service program with MyHome.Pro.
  • The equivalent of the first three months of the patron’s full monthly pool bill will be donated by MyHome.Pro to NTPA.
  • Pest Control and Extermination Services will be priced based on services purchased, and NTPA will receive 25% of the First Year’s billing for registered Patrons!
  • The Patron will be entitled to place a standard Student Gallery Photo on the theatre Photo Gallery of choice (size dependent upon the service selected — Patrons may upgrade by paying the difference!)
  • The Patron must commit to a minimum of twelve months of service to qualify for this program.
  • Pro’s monthly pool service fees for weekly pool services are competitively priced starting at $139/month dependent upon the pool’s size and condition.
  • Pro is not obligated to accept all customer applications.
  • Pro has declined all sponsorship benefits in lieu of funding Student Gallery placements.

OUR GOAL is to have 100 Patrons take advantage of this exciting offer
donating almost $50,000 to NTPA
and putting a BUNCH of new student photos on our theatre walls! 

Our thanks and gratitude to MyHome.Pro for this generous offer!

Learn More About MyHome.Pro
Learn More About Becoming a Business Affinity Partner

Why MyHome.Pro?

NTPA values and appreciates the generosity and support of the MyHome.Pro offer!

MyHome.Pro proudly supports the development of the character of youth through quality performing arts education and entertainment and wholeheartedly embraces NTPA’s Ten Characters, and hopes this will help NTPA through these difficult times.  The Rodenbaugh family has contributed to the North Texas community for almost seventy years, and has been a proud supporter of NTPA for over a decade!

NOTE:  The North Texas Performing Arts Governing Board of Directors has reviewed this Sponsorship’s benefits, obligations and details and has determined this program to provide no more favorable terms or benefits versus comparable sponsorship opportunities, and that related-party sponsor MyHome.Pro is not the recipient of any beneficial or favorable treatment.  This specific sponsorship was reviewed and approved by the Governing Board of Directors at its regular board meeting on April 21, 2020.