1. There are OVER 100 different degrees in the Arts that YOU can pursue!

    Every program is unique and there are programs all over the country and even the world that offer various degrees in the performing arts. From Acting, Musical Theatre, and Opera Performance, to Technical Theatre, Directing, Education and SO MUCH MORE there isn’t just one answer to keep the performing arts in your career plans!

  2. There are HUNDREDS of Colleges that offer degrees in the Performing Arts!

    With over 200 programs that offer degrees in acting and musical theatre alone, it can be quite daunting picking the perfect school for you. Everyone has their own path and there are so many options that are perfect for you. Remember YOU are also auditioning the school!

  3. There is a college for theatre in EVERY state except Delaware and Alaska

    Location, Location, Location! There are schools across the entire country and even world that have programs for theatre, meaning you have opportunity to pursue a theatre degree practically anywhere you want to go.

NTPA Collegiate Pursuits ad

There are A LOT of options out there for seniors looking to go into the performing arts and Collegiate Pursuits is here to help you narrow down your list and get you on the right path! By working with students on their craft and their preparation we want our students to find the best choice for THEM!

NTPA Collegiate Pursuits offers a bridge to the collegiate and professional world through productions, special workshops, 1-on-1 training and summer college prep camps. These programs are perfect for any young adult who is preparing to join a collegiate performing arts program.

NTPA Collegiate Pursuits will be your one-stop shop for all of your theatre college prep needs with educational workshops including parent guidance, college audition training, and pre-screen filming, as well as productions that will train your student for the professional expectations they will encounter in the collegiate and professional world.

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