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We appreciate the trust and confidence of our families to allow us to provide an opportunity for their children to engage in the performing arts in the midst of this crisis, and are making every effort to provide the safest and most healthy experience possible.

Our Notification Protocol has been created with consultation of our 29-member Task Force and meets or exceeds the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and County and State Health Department’s requirements.

These are uncharted waters for all of us, but we also recognize that now, more than ever, our youth need the opportunity for community, creativity and the example of our Ten Characters in their lives.

The intent of this Protocol is to provide the appropriate level of notification and transparency to COVID-related incidents while protecting the privacy rights of those participants affected.  Public notifications will expand as the risk and need for awareness for the safety of NTPA’s participants expand.

In those instances where a student may not be able to participate onsite in the scenarios outlined below, NTPA will make every effort to allow for their online participation.

Notification Protocol

  • All staff, participants and their families should remain vigilant for any signs of COVID-19 symptoms (
  • If a student or parent participant shows symptoms:

    • They should follow the CDC guidance for quarantine and testing and remain away from an NTPA site until they have either tested negative or the symptoms have cleared as defined by the CDC, and should notify their Director and send an email to outlining the circumstances. NTPA will make no notifications in this circumstance.
  • If the participant or parent participant receives a positive COVID-19 test result, or has experienced a “Close Contact” as defined by the CDC with someone that has received a positive COVID-19 test result:

    • They must refrain from participating in in-person NTPA activities or coming onsite to NTPA, and notify the Director of their class or show and send an email to outlining the circumstances.
    • If it is determined that there exists a reasonable possibility that any other persons on NTPA premises might have been exposed to an infectious scenario, the situation will be immediately escalated, reviewed and logged with the County Health Department.  NTPA will not share contact information without the permission of the participant or legal guardian.
    • NTPA will strictly follow the guidance of the County Health Department as regards further notices or recommendations for quarantine or other actions for those individuals or groups that have experienced a “Close Contact” as defined by the CDC (  Should participants in a cast, class or show be exposed to an actively infectious scenario, the participants in that activity will be notified via email as directed by the County Health Department.
    • The Management Committee of the NTPA Governing Board of Directors and staff members will also be advised as appropriate.  Should a broader exposure take place or place at risk larger groups, NTPA may make appropriate public notifications as guided by the County Health Department.
  • Individuals or families that have experienced a “Close Contact” as defined by the CDC but have not been onsite for an NTPA activity during the entire period of infectious risk as defined by the CDC:

    • Will not be permitted onsite until after their fourteen-days quarantine period. NTPA will not be making public or group announcements in these circumstances.
  • Individuals or families that have tested-positive as an active COVID-19 case, but have not been onsite for an NTPA activity during the period of infectious risk as defined by the CDC:

    • Will not be permitted onsite until cleared by their physician. Provided there is not a risk of NTPA community spread, NTPA will not be making public or group announcements in these circumstances.
  • Should an active case be discovered while the participant is on an NTPA site:

    • If a child, the parents must be contacted, and the child immediately transported by the parents to home or care facility. The child should either wait outside the theatre (accompanied by an assigned adult) or wait inside a designated practice room or studio.
    • If an adult, the individual must immediately leave the facility and return home or to a care facility.
    • The areas used by the infected individual will be made unavailable for 24 hours (when possible) and then cleaned and disinfected before any reuse is permitted.

Unfortunately no organization can guarantee that participants in theatre, sports, camps or any other activity can avoid the risks of COVID-19 infection, and while we are taking reasonable and appropriate measures to mitigate those risks, we should anticipate that there might be members of the NTPA family that will test positive and contract this virus. Participants acknowledge that going into the public in the midst of this virus outbreak carries risks, and NTPA cannot guarantee that they will not be exposed to or contract COVID-19.

We will continue to monitor and upgrade our COVID-19 protocol over time, and are making all reasonable efforts to reduce the risk of community spread of COVID-19 while developing the character of youth on our stages.

Current Safety Status and Experience Log by Location

This log is updated daily with all reportable incidents or exposures at each NTPA location within the last 30 days. Last updated on October 17, 2021.

Location Notification
Plano Within the week after the production of NEWSIES closed there were six cast members that reported testing positive for Covid-19.  The production had completed its performance run, and there were no reported cases through rehearsals or final productions.
Repertory A member of the Director staff tested positive for Covid-19 on August 19.  The cast rehearsals throughout this process have all been conducted with all participants wearing masks despite participants reporting being vaccinated.  Those that were thought possible to be exposed to a close contact (though with masks) were immediately notified, and the rest of the cast has been notified.
Frisco An actor in the Frisco Theatre’s 2-Week intensive production of Little Women was involved in a close contact on 7/27 with a sibling infected outside the theatre, and then tested positive on  7/29.  The cast was immediately notified and queried for any close contacts.  The only confirmed “close contact” with an unvaccinated participant tested positive on 7/24.  The Cast was immediately notified and invited to go into quarantine if they were unvaccinated and engaged in a close contact.

A member of the cast of “Les Miserables” whose performances end 8-22-21 reported testing positive 8-22-21.  There have been no “close contacts” with this cast member reported and no other cast members have tested positive.  The cast has been notified and any close contacts or those exhibiting symptoms advised to quarantine and be tested.

Dallas and Fairview Over the past thirty days, there has been no reported or confirmed test-positive situations warranting public notification as defined in NTPA’s Notification Protocol.  Management will continue strict adherence and enforcement of the current protocols.