Help us celebrate our NTPA directors this holiday season!

NTPA’s Ten Characters encourage us to share Gratitude and Love for One Another throughout the year. Please join us in encouraging and celebrating our creative staff this holiday season who pour their whole hearts and minds into working with our students throughout the year.

In this special time of year we are making an opportunity available for our patrons and supporters to show their gratitude and appreciation for our Director artists that have given so much of their time, talent and love this past year. Our NTPA directors contribute so much effort and are so valued, and while NTPA does all it can to provide as much for their Directors as possible, they were faced with higher cost of living challenges difficult to overcome.

Through the end of the January, donors, supporters and patrons can support their favorite Directors through gifts of cash, gift cards, donations and other giving as special “Stocking Stuffers” this special time of year through a special “Director Holiday Gift Box” in each of our theatres or an easy online option.

2023 NTPA Director Giving graphic

Help us celebrate through one or more of these opportunities:

Holiday Season Gift Giving Details:

  • Please note that individual Director gifts in any form would not be considered deductible donations by the IRS.
  • A family’s donations to an individual Director may not exceed NTPA’s gift giving policy limitation (raised temporarily for the holidays) of $100.
  • 100% of gifts to Directors through the NTPA online portal will be paid as a “Holiday Bonus” (less applicable regular employee taxes and deductions as required by law).
  • There are no limits on giving to the shared “Director Pool” though this giving would not be considered “tax deductible.” 100% of this pool will be paid directly to the Directors as a Holiday Bonus (less applicable regular employee taxes and deductions as required by law). The pool will be allocated by the proportion of shows directed by each Director in 2022.
  • Patrons may also contribute to a general “Operating Fund” that will be used for general operations including Director pay. These contributions would be considered Tax Deductible to the Donor.

Parents, patrons and students should feel no obligation to make a donation to this effort, and while appreciated, this support is wholly voluntary. The Director Code of Conduct and NTPA’s Casting Philosophy make clear that no such inducements can or will impact casting decisions or production decisions.

Make an Online Director Gift
Directors’ Favorite Things
Make a Tax-Deductible Donation


Reach out to our Director of Development, Mauri Douglas, for questions concerning the donations at 469-782-9070.