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Sunday, October 29, 7:00PM


Welcome to the hilariously off-kilter world of Frankenteen, where teen angst meets a biology experiment that’s dead serious…well, until it isn’t.

Frankenteen is the kind of school trip that makes detention look like a picnic. In this madcap romp, Marty, a high-school dunce, and Spooky, the resident goth with an uncanny love for embalming fluid, turn a science project into a funeral-turned-reunion party.

Think “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” meets “Airplane!” with a hint of “Young Frankenstein”. What’s the outcome? A high-school horror show where the science club is a little too ‘lively’, and teenage angst has a whole new meaning.

Watch as Frankenteen, our undead classmate, bumbles through locker-filled corridors, derails a class president campaign, and gives gym class a kick in the dodgeballs.

“Frankenteen” isn’t just about surviving high school, it’s about surviving the afterlife in high school. You’ll never view life, death, or anything in-between the same again!


Original script by NTPA

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