The NTPA Academy is an excellent example of one of North Texas Performing Arts’ time honored values – creativity.  Leaders, parents, students and staff bonded together to think outside the box; to take a risk and bring to life this amazing concept of providing a unique and supportive educational opportunity to youth with a passion for the performing arts.

Small class sizes, innovative and supportive learning environments, and a personalized course selection process offer students the opportunity to balance academic education with their love and passion for the performing arts.  Although many plan to pursue careers in the performing arts, all students are benefiting by being able to invest into activities they love while learning character, dedication and discipline.

The camaraderie and friendships that have developed since opening our doors in August are invaluable to the students and parents of the Academy.  These kids want to be here, in a place that feels like home, with people who ‘get’ them and they can be themselves around.  Our students are thriving by being in an environment that not only supports but fuels their creativity, passion and individuality.  Possibly one of our students’ favorite things about the NTPA Academy is being surrounded by other people who dream as big as they do.

As we begin registration for our 2nd semester and look forward to the future, the NTPA Academy is definitely dreaming big!  We are eager to implement many creative and exciting ideas that have been provided and inspired by both students and parents as we continue to establish our traditions and develop our distinct personality,  The NTPA Academy is truly honored by the families who have entrusted our program to be a part of their student’s performing arts journey and look forward to the seasons yet to come.

By Heather Hangen