Purchase a ticket for $20 and support NTPA’s mission to provide free tickets to those in need.

NTPA Gift to the Community

Each holiday season NTPA gives back to the local community by providing free tickets to Scrooge the Musical for local veterans and low-income families. This year, we know that just like us, our surrounding community is facing challenges like never before, so we want to give back to even more families and spread a little holiday cheer this Christmas season.

For those struggling this season, we are honored to be part of your holiday by sharing our story of love and redemption. Please join us in viewing Scrooge the Musical via livestream with a free ticket this Christmas.

For those who are able, please consider purchasing a full price ticket for $20. Your ticket purchase will pay it forward and allow NTPA to offer more free tickets to members of our community.

Please select the option below that meets your needs. May you be blessed this holiday season.

The NTPA Staff and Board of Directors

I am a first responder.
I am an unemployed actor/artist.
I am a veteran.
I lost my job due to COVID-19.
My family has been severely effected financially or medically due to COVID-19.
My family receives foodstamps or other government assistance.
I am able to purchase a ticket for $20 and support NTPA in its mission to provide free tickets to those in need.