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Full Page Ad: $149
Half Page Ad: $79
Quarter Page Ad: $49
Applause Note: $19

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Supporting your favorite actor is “EZ-ier” than ever with a 1-step online submission process – simple to purchase, easy to create & submit!

Your actor has put in scores of hours making this production special for the audience, working onstage and off to perfect their role and then bravely take the stage and give 100%! NTPA Applause Ads are a GREAT way to show your encouragement, support and how much you care!

Make this show’s Playbill a special memento by placing that special message of your creation! Imagine the pride your favorite actor will feel when they see that “special message” meant just for them!

100% of all advertising revenue goes to underwrite NTPA programs and helps keep your tuition and ticket costs low! Encourage friends, parents, and grandparents to place their Applause Ads today!

EZ Applause Ad Options

There are FOUR GREAT OPTIONS available to offer any size ad and fit any size budget:

  • Full-Page Ad ($149): This vertical orientation 5”x 8” full-page ad provides LOTS of space as a memento for this great show. You can include up to 6 pictures/images to accompany your text, filling up an entire page to memorialize this event.
  • Half-Page Ad ($79): This horizontal orientation 5”x4” ad provides plenty of space for up to 3 pictures/images to accompany your text.
  • Quarter-Page Ad ($49): This vertical orientation 2 1/2×4″ ad option will allow up to one picture or image to accompany your text.
  • Applause Notes ($19): This EXCITING NEW OPTION provides a LOW-COST entry point to participate in this show’s Applause Ads. This ad is only available in text and limited to no more than forty (40) words.

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To submit your Applause Ad, simply click the button below.

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Do you have a special request?

Let us know how we can help at ads@ntpa.org!

The NTPA Playbill

NTPA’s playbills are all printed on 8 ½ x 11 paper with covers in color and are generally 8-12 pages in length. NTPA Playbills offer the following ad size (in inches) dimensions.

Questions, concerns or special requests? Do you know of a business that might want to reach the THOUSANDS of patrons coming to NTPA productions? If so, reach us at ads@ntpa.org.

Terms and Conditions

  • All ad content MUST be submitted at least TWO WEEKS before opening night. No exceptions! (For 2 week productions, ads are due one week before opening night.)
  • An Applause Ad may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes, and no business or commercial entity may be mentioned.
  • NTPA reserves the right to review and approve applause ads. Some ads may be returned for revision.
  • Applause ads are only available in black & white.
  • The Ad Purchaser is responsible to provide content, photos or any art chosen to be in the ad and is responsible for all necessary permissions, trademark or copyright obligations for submitted materials.
  • No refunds allowed for any reason.
Purchase an Applause Ad

Applause Ad FAQs

Can I include a photo, image or pre-designed graphic of my ad?

YES! You can upload any graphics or pictures to be included in your ad (size allowing), or submit your complete pre-designed ad in a ready to print format! We support most popular file types (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PDF and more). Photos are not available for Applause Notes.

Can my business or employer buy an ad?

YES! While they are not eligible to participate in our Applause Ad program, they can take advantage of our Corporate Sponsorship Advertising program offering multiple-sized Playbill ads, Playbill Covers, advertising on the TV Screens in most of our theatres, or mentions in all pre-show Curtain Speeches! For more information, businesses should email ads@ntpa.org.

What if I would like to purchase a Playbill Ad in color?

To keep our costs down, at this time, our Applause Ads are only available in Black & White. A color ad can be purchased in our Corporate Sponsor program for half-page ads and larger.

So help me out with this … what should I say in an Applause Ad?

Your ad will be seen by the entire cast, the directors, and every patron (could be thousands!) that come to see the show.

Your Applause Ad should speak from the heart with encouragement and support for your favorite actor, cast or even Director. The ideal ads mention all three!

Some sample Applause Ad messages to get you started:

“Congratulations Sophie and Hannah on a fantastic performance for Les Mis. Your family is so proud of you! Love you, Mom.

“From the moment you were born, you have been a joy to all that know you! Bravo! Love you – Mom and Dad!”

“Each day you amaze us with your quest for the best! Go get ‘em, Josh! Love Aunt Sara.”

“TO MY AMAZING CAST MEMBERS, I just wanted to let you know how wonderful this experience has been! You were all INCREDIBLE and put on a wonderful show – I’m going to miss you so much! MANDY KING”

“BRIANNA, We are SO PROUD of what you accomplished! What a great performance in a tough role – and you pulled it off! Can’t wait to see the next show! All our Love, Mom, Dad & Kevin”

“YOU WERE AMAZING! Great job and our congratulations! We were so proud of what you did in this role! All our Love, Grandma & Grandpa Jones”