Find your light with TechTrack!

Each year NTPA produces over 150 shows, creating the opportunity for more than 300 technicians to design and operate shows.

We’re here to provide a safe and supportive environment to explore the technical arts. We want you to gain real-world experience in the world of stagecraft while exploring topics like lighting design, sound design, scenic design, rigging, drafting, and more!

Join a Community of Technicians

Come be part of a growing community of like-minded technicians. Work on theatre productions, network with other technicians, and learn new skills! TechTrack is open to students in middle school through college.

Grow your Technical Theatre Portfolio

TechTrack provides a path for students to expand their technical theatre portfolio. Learn how to use industry-standard equipment, which will set you up for success with a head start in the field after graduation.

Learn from the experts

Grow your knowledge with guidance and workshops from a variety of theater professionals working across multiple theatre locations in the DFW metroplex.

Become a TechTrack Operator!

TechTrack badges

NTPA students and parents who are interested in working on NTPA shows can sign up now to become a TechTrack Operator! Through attending a series of TechTrack workshops, you will learn a full set of technical theatre skills, all trained on our new industry standard equipment.

Level up with additional workshops from Operator to Technician to Designer for even more opportunities to work at NTPA shows and events!

Open to Students in Middle School, High School, and College

For adults interested in volunteering with TechTrack, we need you! If you’re a college student looking to improve your portfolio, or an industry veteran wanting to help upgrade, there is a community for you.

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