Private lessons provide students with skills and opportunities that cannot be attained through general classroom training. These students will receive personalized instruction at a pace that is tailored to their learning styles and abilities. Students in private lessons received instant tailored feedback, while building a solid foundation of skills from knowledgeable professionals. Lastly, students learn effective self-management skills and practice habits to help them to be more successful and less frustrated with the learning process.

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Lindsey Lederer teaches a virtual class - So you Want to be a Disney Actor Class
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General Lessons

These lessons can be purchased on a lesson-to-lesson basis.

  • Audition Prep Lessons

    Scheduled as needed to help students prepare for NTPA auditions. Directors will help the students choose monologues and audition cuts appropriate for the show/role they are auditioning for, then guide them to be successful in their audition process (slating, focal points, vocal placement/vowel modifications, etc.). This is offered to help remove pressure from parents to find audition materials for their child and to help students be more confident and successful.

  • College Audition Prep

    Scheduled as needed to help prepare students who are auditioning for college admissions or other programs outside of NTPA such as camps or intensives. The Director will review the requirements for the audition and ensure they are being met. Assist the student in choosing pieces, preparing them, and optionally record for video submissions.

  • ACE/JACE Audition Prep

    Scheduled as needed to help students prepare for NTPA ACE/JACE auditions. The Director will review the requirements for the audition, assist the student in choosing and preparing pieces for the audition, and practice interview questions with the student.

  • Performance techniques

    Scheduled either on a monthly or as-needed basis. The Director will help students learn about basic performance techniques such as how to hold and properly use a microphone for optimum sound, how to find your light on a stage, and other technical aspects of performance.

Specialized Lessons

These lessons are billed monthly much like a class.

  • Voice Lessons

  • Acting Lessons

    • Acting for Stage
    • Acting for Film
  • Instrumental lessons

    • Guitar
    • Ukulele
    • Piano
    • Bass Guitar
  • Dance Lessons

Scheduled and billed monthly. These lessons consist of specialized courses that can be focused on the needs of the individual based on the Director’s background and abilities. Acting lessons may include the need for students to record a video for audition submissions. The goal is to teach basic technique for the discipline and to help students apply that technique to materials chosen by the instructor, literature for shows they are performing in, etc. Lessons may include a semester recital to demonstrate skills if desired.

Rock Star Lessons

The Starcatchers Rock Stars is a performance-based music therapy group designed specifically for developmental/intellectual disabilities. Rock Stars is a unique opportunity for beginners to learn how to play a musical instrument and play in a rock band. Students learn the fundamentals of music and how to work together as a group and will culminate with a rock concert performance. Through the development of music skills in group rehearsals and private adapted lessons, students will also further develop social, communication, motor, and cognitive skills.

They will explore the major rock instruments of keyboard, drums, bass, guitar, auxiliary percussion, and vocals, and will be assigned one of these based on their interest and ability. The instruments and music will be adapted to the individual and group skill level. Students will rehearse both as a group during a weekly class and individually during a weekly private lesson. Weekly half hour private lessons with our highly qualified teachers are mandatory if the student is not already taking lessons elsewhere.

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