Collegiate Pursuits is NTPA’s college prep program for students in grades 8-12! This program offers a bridge to the collegiate and professional world through productions, special workshops, 1-on-1 training and summer college prep camps. These programs are perfect for any young adult who is preparing to join a collegiate performing arts program.

These collegiate level productions feature:

Competitive casting, with single casting and limited cast size for some shows
Personalized audition and post-show feedback in a one-on-one setting
Work with industry guest artists and NTPA artistic team
Actor’s Equity-style rehearsal and production methods
And More!

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Do students have to participate in all Collegiate Pursuits programs to be part of these shows?

No. Students audition for each show individually.

What is the “No-Show Strike” Policy?

In order to hold students accountable to the ideals and behaviors of the collegiate industry, strikes will be given out for specific instances in the audition process. If a student receives 2 strikes, they are unable to audition for the next Pursuits Production. If a student receives 3 strikes, they are unable to audition for the rest of the Pursuits Season. Instances that warrant a strike include:

  1. Signing up for an audition slot but not turning in an audition by the deadline, without removing name from sign up or communicating with the director
  2. Receiving a callback and then deciding to not participate in the callback process and production

Communication is key. It is your responsibility to communicate with the director of any conflicts or issues that you may have. The majority of times, solutions are easy to find, but not communicating what you need, is not acceptable and will warrant a strike.

What is the “No Tolerance Drop” Policy?

As is standard in the professional and collegiate world, dropping/quitting a show is not an option. By submitting my audition, I acknowledge that I am agreeing to accept ANY role the casting team selects for me as dropping is not tolerated. If I do choose to drop the show, I acknowledge that I will be put on a one-show probation and will not be permitted to audition for the next Collegiate Pursuits production.

What is the “Role Requesting” Policy?

While role requesting is not tolerated or permitted, we understand there may be times when, for moral or ethical reasons, you are not comfortable with playing every role in a show. In this case, please email Bethany Bourland, Pursuits Artistic Director, at prior to submitting your audition so those circumstances are communicated thoroughly.

How are volunteer roles selected?

The role of Show Manager, Costume Designer, and Set Designer will be selected in advance. Preselecting these volunteers will not guarantee the casting of their student. All other volunteer roles will be selected after casting.

Why don’t you cast every actor who auditions?

As the rehearsal and performance process for Pursuits productions are more advanced and rigorous, our artistic team and committee believes that the shows should be reserved for only those who are ready and right for the particular show. If you are not cast, you will be offered free in person post audition feedback and will be specifically recommended for other shows throughout NTPA.

Why is the tuition more expensive than standard NTPA shows?

Pursuits productions have smaller casts, larger artistic teams, larger production budgets and more rehearsal time thus requiring higher tuition. Due to these extra expenses, we are unable to offer discounts on these shows including, but not limited to membership discounts or new student discounts. Scholarships are available on a rolling basis when funding is available. Families may pay in full at the time of registration or choose to pay in 3 monthly installments.

Are costumes provided?

Most costumes will not be provided and costuming will work similarly to other NTPA shows. The Pursuits difference is that the costume coordinators are given a small budget for specialty items and costume embellishments for enhanced quality.

How are show titles selected?

Pursuits seasons will always feature a range of musical theatre styles for growth and resume expansion. We believe our performers need experience in classical theatre, new works, edgier content, and more to be a well-rounded actor.

How do I get my post audition and post show feedback? What do they consist of?

Following each audition/callback process and after the closing of each show an email will go out with signups for 10-15 minute feedback sessions. These will be free and private, only consisting of the student and the directing team. In these positive and constructive meetings, we will give feedback on where they should grow, where they succeed, and what goals they have for the future.

What is special/different about the rehearsal process? How expanded is the rehearsal time?

Rehearsals will be over 10-14 weeks and will consist of a weekly rehearsal on a specific night, 1-2 choreography bootcamp weekends, and a handful of weekend rehearsals. These schedules will be communicated in advance of casting. In addition to rehearsing to simply put the show on, there will be a rubric of collegiate level acting, music, and choreography lessons that will be taught during the rehearsal period.

What is the ticket price?

Because these productions will have a high production quality, ticket price will be $15 presale, $18 week of, $22 front row for most shows. Every family must sell 6 tickets and no comps offered.

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