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NTPA Collegiate Pursuits offers a bridge to the collegiate and professional world through productions, special workshops, 1-on-1 training and summer college prep camps. These programs are perfect for students in grades 10-12 who are preparing to join a collegiate performing arts program.

NTPA Collegiate Pursuits will be your one-stop shop for all of your theatre college prep needs with educational workshops including parent guidance, college audition training, and pre-screen filming, as well as productions that will train your student for the professional expectations they will encounter in the collegiate and professional world.

Collegiate Pursuits programs are not eligible for discounts including, but not limited to membership discounts or new student discounts.

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What You’ll Gain Through NTPA Collegiate Prep

College Preparation

1-on-1 Counseling to Guide you Through the College Audition Process
Help finding the PERFECT College Audition Pieces
Cleaning and Working Your Audition Package
Mock Auditions and Preparation
Workshops with Industry Professionals
Resume Help
Filming for Common Prescreens
Professional Headshots
Parent Workshops in Financial, Academic, and Audition Guidance
Bonding with Fellow Students Going Through the Same Process
And So Much More!

Collegiate-Level Productions

4 Show Season, featuring a range of styles for growth and resume expansion exclusively for 10-12 graders
Competitive casting, with single casting and limited cast size for some shows
Personalized audition and post-show feedback in a one-on-one setting
Work with industry guest artists and NTPA artistic team
Increased budget for set, prop, and costumes and top-tier production designers
Expanded rehearsal time for advanced show quality
Premium NTPA spaces & off-campus performance venues
Actor’s Equity-style rehearsal and production methods
In-rehearsal training in collegiate verbiage, methods, and lessons

Upcoming Auditions

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1-on-1 College Audition Coaching

Looking to audition for collegiate programs for a career in the arts? Private College Prep lessons with Collegiate Pursuits will prepare you for all of your auditions. With a focus on audition packages and auditioning strategies, these lessons will prepare students to take on any collegiate audition.

Private lessons for acting technique, song selections and cuts, monologue selection and cuts, and audition techniques are available with our Pursuits instructors. We also offer dance training catered towards pre-screen dance auditions. Students can work towards building an audition book to be ready for all auditions. Students can also work one-on-one in a consultation style to work through decisions concerning the audition journey and navigating the application process. We can provide any service that you need to get you set up for college!


  • $60 – half hour lessons
  • $110 – full hour lessons
  • +$100 fee for original collegiate pre-screen choreography audition pieces
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