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The “Educate Pillar” of the NTPA Academy’s offering supports a student in satisfying the State of Texas standards for recognized high school graduation. The Core enables a student to pursue their independent academic study in a safe and flexible learning environment. Our Core Counselors will promote and encourage academic success and focus in a positive and supportive manner, and (to the extent allowed by the parent or guardian), will monitor a student’s progress and productivity.

Individual student hours are flexible and solely determined by the family, enabling a student to pursue professional and other pursuits as their schedule requires.

Core Curriculum

NTPA does not endorse or require a specific course of study, though our Core Counselfors are familiar with and can provide active support to several of the most popular online curriculum programs including iUniversity Prep, Texas Connections Academy, and Time 4 Learning. Families choosing other courses of study will enjoy a supportive environment, oversight and safety.

While the Core Counselors and The Core will support and monitor the student’s efforts, ultimately the student and his or her parents are responsible for their own academic success and NTPA does not assume responsibility to instruct or tutor the student in core academics.

Core Operations

Our Core learning environment provides students with a safe learning environment for self-study. All learning environments are supervised by a Core Counselor staff member that can assist students, as needed.

Three different self-learning environments

  1. The Core – This is our monitored, quiet learning space where most core education takes place. It is self-paced and self-managed, guided by our qualified team of Core Counselors. Students will have support in study skills, organization, and time-management while learning to focus on goal-setting for academic success. The Core Counselors will provide feedback to parents on learning goals and may recommend tutoring or other resources.
  2. Green Room – Students may visit the adjacent break room throughout the day as needed. This space has a refrigerator and microwaves and is regularly utilized for lunch time. The Lunch schedule will be determined each semester in accordance with the class schedule. The Core Counselor will oversee this room and check in frequently.
  3. Practice Rooms – Core students may schedule time in practice rooms for individual study, tests, online tutoring sessions, etc.
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Lyz Miller – Core Academic Department Head

Lyz is originally from Connecticut, where she grew up with parents who had deep roots in education and theater. She inherited her parents’ love for both at a young age. Now living in Frisco, she has passed this love onto her two boys. Lyz has a bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke College with a double major in Mathematics and Theatre. She also went on to earn a masters from the University of Florida and is a certified Mathematics teacher. Currently she is a faculty member of the NTPA Academy.

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