NTPA Parents,

As you may know, the Frisco City Council has commissioned a special task force to investigate building a theater within the City of Frisco. The City is asking for feedback by JUNE 20. You can send your feedback to Frisco2023@theatreprojects.com or by leaving a message at 945-205-0766. We are asking all of our NTPA parents to reach out in support of including a 250-350 seat community use venue within their plans. We have included a draft e-mail below that you can use and/or adjust as you see fit.

Thank you for your support for Frisco theater and for NTPA!

Sample Email

Dear City of Frisco and Theatre Projects team,

As a concerned constituent and member of the Frisco community, I am writing to express my strong support for the establishment of a community theater within our city. My family is active in the arts through the North Texas Performing Arts – Frisco (NTPA). Currently, our performers and audience members face significant limitations due to the absence of a suitable venue. We often have to rely on neighboring cities to find affordable spaces with adequate seating for our productions.

Frisco’s vibrant arts community, including organizations like the North Texas Performing Arts Frisco (NTPA), is in need of a dedicated community theater. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the country and a top destination for families, Frisco deserves a local theater that can accommodate the growing demand for arts programs and performances. A community theater would not only support organizations like NTPA, but also foster creativity, nurture local talents, and create a sense of pride within our community.

By having a community theater in Frisco, we would be providing a platform for our talented youth to shine, offering them opportunities to perform, learn, and grow in the arts. It would also be a gathering place for families to enjoy high-quality theater productions right here in our own city.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I urge you to prioritize the establishment of a community theater and to actively support the growth of our local arts community. Together, let us create a vibrant and inclusive Frisco that embraces and celebrates the performing arts.


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