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Monday, December 11


Avalon is a riveting tale of ambition, betrayal, and the cost of silence. Avalon, a solitary magician with innovative abilities, dreams of sharing her unique magic at the revered Revelers’ Festiville. But her unorthodox methods stir fears among the tradition-bound festival-goers, particularly elder Severin, who sees her as a threat to his son Rowan’s future as Grand Marshall.
When a disastrous fire disrupts the festival, Avalon finds herself exiled, and Festiville, at the brink of destruction. Now, it falls on Rowan, torn between his ambitions and his unspoken loyalty to Avalon, to decide the future of the festival.
This compelling musical drama explores the conflict between tradition and innovation, and the tragic consequences of unspoken truths, set against a captivating backdrop of magic and enchantment.


Original script by NTPA

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