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NTPA is proud to debut an exciting new original musical written specifically for our theatres by NTPA’s own Greg McKnight. After four successful musical premieres (Nightshade at Christmas, The Adventure of BetaKid, Simon Says, The Adventure of GammaKid) Greg returns with another work of musical genius, Festiville.

With curiosity and a desire to learn new things, Jax complicates festival preparations and the goal of his mother, Elaine, to become Festiville’s next Master of Ceremonies. In an attempt to keep Jax away from his daughter, Madeline, and from confusing the other elves, Senior Master of Ceremonies, Ballar, drives Jax deep into the woods where he meets three spirits. Each spirit teaches him a unique lesson that inspires Jax to return to Festiville and share his discoveries. Not only do these new ideas shake up the traditions of Festiville, they also reveal what’s really behind the facade.


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Book, Music, & Lyrics by Greg McKnight