Something incredible and inspiring happened at NTPA’s Fairview Youth Theatre last night, September 4th, 2019.  The opening night cast of Disney Frozen Jr was having their final dress rehearsal for the show.  The show is directed by Fairview’s Managing Director, Cibby Bowden and her co-director and choreographer Kameron Knott. Only last night was not a rehearsal – it was a performance for a very special little girl, Ella and her precious family.

Ella is battling a rare form of pediatric cancer, Neuroblastoma.  She was diagnosed only a few months ago and has already spent most of her recent life undergoing chemotherapy at Children’s in Dallas and will continue treatment over the next 2 years.  Ella is only 2 years old.  Her parents told us that her favorite thing in the world is Frozen.  So we dedicated last night’s rehearsal as a performance just for Ella, her two big brothers and her parents.  Her blood count was extremely low in the morning and they believed she probably wouldn’t make it through the first act.  As it turned out – she made it through the entire show and didn’t want to leave.

The sweet children of the entire cast (all 65 of them) presented her with Frozen gifts and handmade notes and letters of encouragement.  Ella got to pose for pictures with her favorite characters from this beloved story.

Many would say what a blessing it was for Ella and her entire family and that is true. However, the entire experience was also a life-changing moment for 65 young aspiring actors, their directors and the many parents who were on hand last night to make the entire evening unforgettable – and it was.

Thank you to North Texas Performing Arts, Fairview Youth Theatre, Music Theatre International, iTheatics and all those involved in the creation of Frozen Jr. September 4th, 2019 will forever be in our hearts and minds due to your passion for the arts in children’s lives.

Frozen Tech Ella

Pictured above, Fairview Youth Theatre’s Managing Director and Director of the show, Cibby Bowden.  Ella’s parents, two brothers and Ella.  Co-director and choreographer Kameron Knott. Here Ella is surrounded by gifts and letters given by the young cast members (including the adorable Elsa hat for Ella!)

Frozen Tech Ella

The cast of Fairview Youth Theatre’s production of Disney Frozen Jr

Frozen Tech Ella

Ella meets the cast backstage during intermission.  She absolutely adored Olaf!

More pictures from the rehearsals!