By Kaitlyn Wright

An audition is your first impression in a production. This is your chance to show not just your talent, but your dedication and preparation. Here are some tips and resources for finding the perfect song for your next audition!

  1. Learn About the Show
    • Study the show and find the characters you are interested in playing. Take note of the musical style and the composer. Each show and character calls for a different style. For instance, if a character you’re interested in sings mostly ballads, you wouldn’t want to enter the audition singing a belting song.
  2. Do Your Research
    • After you have drawn these conclusions, search for songs that are similar in style or are written by the same composer. Find one that fits your vocal range and abilities and that can be learned in time for the audition.
  3. Choose Wisely
    • Find a song that is appropriate for your age and skill level. There are many resources that come with CDs or digital tracks that can help you find songs that are age appropriate for developing voices.  Those resources are referenced at the bottom of the article.
  4. Find the Right Audition Cut
    • After finding the piece, you will need to select a “cut”: a one-minute portion of the song to sing for your audition. Sometimes this can be the first minute of a song, but the first minute is not always a great representation of your ability. Choose a section that shows off the dynamics of the piece, whether it is range, belting to natural voice, and so forth.
    • Make sure you choose a cut that starts and ends in a way that makes musical sense to the performer and listener.  For example, do not start in the middle of a sentence.
  5. Resources