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January 8, 6:30pm
January 8, 8:15pm


“The Portrait” is a modern reimagining of Oscar Wilde’s classic, “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” It unfolds within the confines of a prestigious art school, serving as a poignant exploration of contemporary youth culture, aestheticism, and the moral implications of indulgence in personal desires.
The film follows Dorian Gray, a charismatic and initially innocent art student. He becomes the muse of Basil Hallward, a celebrated painter who captures Dorian’s youthful beauty in a stunning portrait. Influenced by the nihilistic philosophy of Lord Henry, another student, Dorian wishes for the portrait to bear the burden of his age and sins, allowing him to stay forever young.
As Dorian delves deeper into hedonistic pursuits, the portrait begins to reflect the physical and moral corruption of his soul. His escalating indulgences include substance abuse, narcissism, manipulation, neglect of responsibilities, disregard for the law, and dishonesty, reflecting the pitfalls of unchecked pleasure-seeking and vanity.
While Dorian remains youthful and charming on the outside, his portrait decays, mirroring his spiritual corruption. The film depicts his journey of self-destruction, leading to a climax where Dorian confronts the horrific image of his soul, resulting in tragic consequences.


By Oscar Wilde

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