The Hundred Acre Woods (Film Production) – Grades 3-6 – Studios Southlake

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Embark on a magical filmmaking journey with us in the Hundred Acre Wood, where every story weaves a tapestry of friendship and whimsy. Join Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and all your favorite characters in crafting a reimagined tale of heartwarming adventures and gentle mysteries, and become a pivotal part of bringing the enchanting Hundred Acre Woods to life on screen!

About NTPA Studios Film Productions

Students are integrally involved both behind and in front of the camera as writers, producers, directors, camera operators, lighting/sound techs, editors, and on-screen actors. With the guidance of industry professionals, students produce a film that is premiered in a public screening at NTPA or a local movie theater.

Auditions for actors typically take place 2 weeks prior to the production with a final call back on the first day. For those interested in being behind the scenes, crew positions are usually determined at the first in-person meeting. All students are welcome to participate.

Students of all skill levels are welcome. We have a place for you!

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