For over thirty years, NTPA students have gained from the profound impact of working on and off the stage, and the incredible learning opportunity that comes from that experience.

North Texas Performing Arts is the largest youth theatre organization in the country offering NTPA Academy students the benefit of the experience that can be gain from participation in a wide selection of incredible program diversity, options and style. Each year, NTPA produces over 150 major productions in eight major-production theatre troupes in five cities, ranging from youth performances to professional repertory productions. Most of these productions will qualify for completion of Academy experiential requirements (consult your curriculum advisor).


All NTPA Academy certifications include two “experiential” requirements:

  1. NTPA Internship

    Depending on the certification, a student will be given the opportunity to participate in a minimum number of hours as an intern in two or more approved North Texas Performing Arts productions. This internship allows a student a “hands-on” opportunity to participate in a “live” activity and may include assistant-directing, choreography, music, lights, sound, set-design-build and costumes and other exciting “backstage” roles.

  2. NTPA Performance Experience

    The certification area will dictate the minimum number and type of productions required to fulfill this requirement. To qualify for completion of certification requirements, the specific role and production must be approved in advance by Academy faculty.


NTPA Academy students are required to gain and document experience in qualified production work as part of their requirements to earn their certification within the Academy. The Internship role and responsibilities will vary by the certification sought, and as determined jointly by the student and the NTPA Academy Head of School.

To receive internship credit toward certification, the student must first gain prior approval from the Head of School for the proposed intern activity. They may then complete the Academy Student Intern Application Form before the internship activity may commence. After receiving approval and completing the hours of the intern activity, the student must submit an accepted Academy Student Intern Credit Approval Form to the Head of School.

Students who are also active ACE members may be eligible to earn compensation for show production support after completing their required course work and internship. Such roles might include paid internships as choreographers, assistant directing, technical support, backstage support or other assistance in support of an NTPA show.


Students in the Academy have the opportunity to participate in full-scale, live productions open only to Academy students. With the vast variety of Broadway productions available, a student can rapidly expand their skill portfolio and engage in music, dance, vocal and dramatic opportunities, all directed by professional actors and directors. Most shows also feature a trained choreographer and musical director, providing additional experiential opportunities to grow and develop technically.

Current Academy students also explore the depths of many dramatic styles in classroom instruction, from Shakespeare to the Greek classics, to Arthur Miller, Edward Albee and more. They will have the opportunity to experience dramatic classics and modern comedies, all within the safe confines of North Texas Performing Arts, often honing their craft through multiple performances in front of live audiences.

With so many NTPA productions, students in the Technical Theatre Academy have abundant opportunities to work under technical professionals to hone their skills and work their craft. In addition to onstage roles where they can gain the actor’s perspective, the Tech Theatre students can take on off-stage internships where they might create the lighting, sound, set, or costume design for an entire show! NTPA Academy students are also given first priority for internship opportunities.

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