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Episode 18 – Greg McKnight

Come and take a listen to the 18th episode of the ACE Up Your Sleeve Podcast where we interview Mr. Greg McKnight! He shares his bountiful wisdom about working in film and how you can as well. He also tells stories about how he became involved in the visual arts and NTPA. Listen now!

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Catch Up Now!

Take a listen to episode 17 of the ACE Up Your Sleeve Podcast where we talk to the one and only Ruby Pullum! She talks about her show managing experiences at NTPA and what it means to be a creative director. She gives lots of advice you won’t want to miss! Listen now!

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The ACE Up Your Sleeve is brought to you by the students of the Acting Company for Excellence at North Texas Performing Arts. This podcast was created by Reichen Young with sound design by Latham Young. Faculty supervision is provided by Bethany Bourland. NTPA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing the character of youth through quality performing arts education and family entertainment. Learn more about upcoming programs and events at NTPA.org.