Headshot of Hannah Brewer NTPA Associate Resident Director
Congratulations to our Artist of the Month for September, Hannah Brewer!
Hannah’s acting career began when she was 6 years old in the homeschool community, and she has never looked back. She began acting with NTPA as a sophomore in high school and now works as an Associate Resident Director. Hannah has directed many camps, classes, and major productions at NTPA such as “High School Musical”, “Stuart Little”, “Mystery at Shady Acres”, and more. Beyond theatrical training, she is passionate about educating students in NTPA’s 10 Characters and using them to advance in performing arts, education, or wherever else life may lead.
When not leading students onstage, you can find Hannah working behind the scenes in NTPA’s business office in development and advertising. Hannah is currently attending Texas Woman’s University and working toward her B.A. in Child Development.
Don’t miss Hannah’s upcoming productions – 101 Dalmatians KIDS performing in Plano this October and the NTPA Premiere production of The Rainbow Fish Musical to perform in January in Plano (Auditions are currently open for grade K-8!)