Announcing the 2023 Stardust Awards Volunteer Nominations

The 2nd Annual NTPA Stardust Awards, being held Saturday, November 4 at Marriott at Legacy Town Center, will honor NTPA volunteers who go above and beyond in a variety of capacities to make NTPA a stand-out in the youth and adult performing arts arenas. Each awards category recognizes the talent and dedication of volunteers who devote countless hours to ensuring that youth and adult performers across all of NTPA’s theaters and programs have a world-class experience in the performing arts.

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Outstanding Costume Design

Sara Dillingham
Chris Foree
Shannon Hauser
Susan Petty
Tiffany Pride
Lisa Rodenbaugh
Jodi Sassano
Holly Tripp
Lauren Webster
Melissa Winton
Sarah Wollitz
Tasha Young

Outstanding Show Promotions and Fundraising

Neely Berner
Connor Bourland
Jennifer Crawford
Kerri Evanson
Rachel Fetter
Kate Feurberg
Tara Horn
Amy Huhnke
Sara Johnson
Emily Johnston
Holly LaFevers
Lauren MacGee
Lisa Morton
Alicia Rico
Rachel Thompson
Jenn Wade
Caydi Zerega

Outstanding Marketing and Social Media

Karen Cumby
Candice Kuzov
Alicia Rico
Lisa Rodenbaugh

Outstanding Set Build Creation

Jo Alamares
Casey Brumbaugh
Jody Dulburg
Penn Elmore
Denice Forney
Jenna Fossum
Oren Gerstner
Jason Hamby
Tim Jeffries
Steve McMurray
Darren Neal
Jake Poulsen
Cody Shelton
Taylor Skinner
Rick Stone
Marty Stratton
Oliver Wade
Fritz Wichern

Outstanding Show Manager

Cindy Badon
Melanie Domen
Jennifer Everett
Francine Forman
Skyler Harp
Jennifer Jeffries
Stephanie Lewis
Peggy Lipsey
Alyssa Maisano
Amanda Matheny
Kelly Minter
Lindsay Morse
Tara Reid
Jeanielyn Shirley
Ashley Tussing
Deitra Wichern
Jenny Word

Outstanding Technical Design

Jo Alamares
Max Fetter
Bill Kistler
Eric McCormick
Chris Neal
Mark Stow

Outstanding Volunteer

These incredible volunteers went above and beyond as volunteers doing work across multiple show roles or contributing to cross theatre initiatives and activities and were nominated for their incredible efforts. Volunteers on this list are nominated for the Legacy Award, Founder’s Award, President’s Award, and Volunteer of the Year.

Candice Addison
Jo Alamares
Shona Bell
Connor Bourland
Britt Collins
Alejandro Erives
Paul Evans
Karen Fish
Robin Fuller
Cassandra Galvan
Curtis Gittinger
Carrie Hanna
Melissa Hartman
Michelle Hoffman
Lenora Huffington

Emily Johnson
Sara Johnson
RuthAnne Kern
Jenn Klein
Christine Kless
Annie Knight
Fred Lamb
Stefanie Lewis
Angela Maurmann
Lisa McLeroy
Chris Mosely
Deborah Obaid
Cynthia Padin
Bobbie Jo Palazuelos

Stephanie Pearson
Christy Pennington
Ryan Polny
Trysh Pope
Beth Quinn
Kristin Ransom
Shauna Reid
Lisa Rodenbaugh
Brooke Smith
Marcia Timm
Spencer Timm
Christa Vaughn
Rob Webster
Abbi Wreyford