NTPA is excited by the CDC’s latest recommendation that vaccinated persons can safely attend indoor events without a mask. The NTPA Board of Directors, Covid-19 Task Force, and Staff continue to heed the advice of the CDC as well as state and local recommendations. NTPA will continue to update safety protocols in accordance with new recommendations and in an effort to maximize the safety of NTPA‘s thousands of students who currently cannot be fully vaccinated, as well as all parents, patrons, volunteers and staff who enter NTPA facilities.

Effective Friday, May 14, 5:00 PM

All patrons will continue to be required to wear a mask when entering the theatre, in hallways, and while moving throughout NTPA facilities.

Fully vaccinated adults (two weeks beyond their final vaccine) may remove their mask once seated in the theatre.

All non-vaccinated adults are required to wear a mask at all times while in an NTPA facility. Students, volunteers working with students, and staff continue to be required to wear a mask at all times until further notice. In all cases, participants are responsible for their own health and safety and accept all risks for their decision to enter an NTPA theatre in these circumstances.

All performances currently employ safe social distance seating between all parties.

NTPA appreciates the dedication of all patrons to familiarize with and abide by the current safety protocols while inside NTPA facilities.

As this continues to be a fluid situation, we advise all patrons to check NTPA’s most current safety protocols on the NTPA website before attending any future events.

View our current safety protocols