NTPA Safety Protocol Update

The North Texas Performing Arts Covid-19 Task Force of 30 medical doctors, legal counsel, board members and others meets weekly to update our safety protocols so that we can provide the safest possible environment for our students and patrons.

Those protocols have allowed us to reopen and enjoy over 35,000 visitors, 120 productions and almost 1,000 performances in our spaces without incident.
Based on CDC, state and local guidance the NTPA Task Force has developed a 5-Phase Drawdown Strategy that will gradually move our safety protocols  to normalcy.

These 5 phases will allow NTPA to roll-back policies in a safe and deliberate manner. Each phase will be adopted based on the current test, hospitalization, and vaccine rates along with guidance from the CDC and other agencies.

Protocol Drawdown Phase 3
Effective May 1, 2021

  • Full singing will be allowed onstage for all shows performing after June 1.
  • Show blocking may include the use of theatre aisles. Actors may deliver lines, but may not sing while in aisles.
  • Promo photos may be taken without masks and safe social distance as long as no close contact is maintained (no more than 15 minutes cumulative over a 24 hour period).
  • Safe social distance blocking on stage may be eliminated for shows performing after June 1.

continue to require masks and social distancing in all NTPA facilities.

View our current safety protocols
We want to assure you that we are continuing to do everything we can to make sure that you are as safe as possible when inside our theatre’s walls.
We encourage you to remember these safety tips:
If traveling domestically or internationally, be mindful of any special  testing or quarantine obligations.
Consider getting a Covid-19 Test before visiting at-risk individuals or attending a group gathering.
Try to avoid large events or gatherings, and if you have to go, wear a mask and try to maintain 6-feet of safe social distance from others.
Get a Covid Vaccine if you can and encourage loved ones to do the same.
Do not carpool with people who live outside your household.
Wash hands regularly and completely for 20 seconds.
Never share water bottles or drinks.
Remember: If you are within 6 feet of anyone for
15 minutes or more, you could be at risk!