NTPA Safety Protocol Update

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NTPA Safety Protocol Update

The North Texas Performing Arts Covid-19 Task Force of 30 medical doctors, legal counsel, board members and others meets regularly to define NTPA’s ongoing safety procedures and protocols, ensuring that our programs are conducted in a safe and deliberate manner that best protects the health of our students and patrons.
The protocols developed by this Task Force have allowed us to reopen as safely as possible, and since the pandemic began, we have enjoyed over 30,000 visitors, 100 productions and almost 1,000 performances in our spaces.
Based on continued guidance from the CDC, state and local agencies, and the hundreds of responses to our audience survey, the NTPA Task Force has developed a 5-Phase Restoration Strategy that will gradually adjust our safety protocols as we approach a return to “normal” policies and procedures.
These 5 phases will allow NTPA to roll-back policies in a safe and deliberate manner. Each phase will be adopted based on the current test, hospitalization, and vaccine rates along with guidance from the CDC and other agencies. Phase 1 will go into effect Wednesday, March 10, and future phases will be announced as they are approved and adopted.

Restoration Phase 1

Effective March 10, 2021

  • Playbills and other promotional materials may be printed and distributed.
  • Promotional show items may be purchased on-site.
  • Prop use will no longer be limited. Actors may share a prop as needed. Props should continue to be disinfected after every show, and actors should continue to sanitize hands after handling props on stage.
  • Bathroom doors will no longer be propped open.


continue to require masks and social distancing in all NTPA facilities.

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