The last year has been difficult for NTPA as we approached our 30th anniversary, not knowing if we would be able to reopen our theatres or what our programs would look like after the pandemic.

But our community is strong, and our families, volunteers, and staff have come together to overcome the most challenging obstacles we’ve faced in three decades. By supporting safety protocols to keep our actors safe, participating online when necessary, and doing their part to remain safe in activities outside of our theatres, this community has helped our actors to have their voices heard once again.

As vaccines become more readily available, and local restrictions begin to be rescinded, we look forward to a return to normal in the near future with excitement and gratitude. We could think of no better way to mark the one year anniversary of quarantine, than to CELEBRATE those who made a difference to NTPA over the past year.

Celebrating Our First Champion!

Dr. Jennifer Duewall, USMD

Thank you Dr. Duewall for your ongoing guidance and service over the past year. Dr. Duewall has donated hundreds of hours of her own time to serve on our task force and serve as a direct medical liason for NTPA staff during the pandemic. She has been an integral part of defining and fine tuning our safety protocols as a medical professional serving on the task force. She has also participated in many videos to help explain these protocols to our patrons, educate our families on the importance of wearing a mask, and explain how to safely wear one.

We Need Your Help!

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